A Healthier Life!

The secret is out! Hot peppers like ghost peppers are definitely the spice to a healthier life.

The pepper's capsaicin has been proven to kill cancer cells, prevent sinus infections, serve as an anti-inflammatory agent, provide gastric relief and produce fat oxidation.  A common myth exists that hot peppers cause ulcers and small intestine irritation. However, in fact, a daily dose of hot peppers can make you breathe easier, feel less pain and lower body fat.  As an added benefit, this age-old vegetable has similar effects to those of Aleve, Tylenol, Advil, Tums and chemotherapy all wrapped in one, except it has zip, taste and no fearful side effects beyond its spicy heat & care in handling.


The burn felt while eating a ghost pepper
comes directly from the food's capsaicin.

Capsaicin, though odorless and flavorless, is primarily found in the pepper?s seeds and ribs, but is also evenly distributed throughout the vegetable?s flesh. Capsiate, a component of the capsaicin, increases metabolism by increasing resting oxygen consumption and burning body fat. Eating capsiate increases feelings of alertness, leading people who eat it to feel more awake and energized by triggering an adrenaline response. This response burns more calories even at rest, but also makes it easier and more inviting to engage in fat-burning exercise. 

Many Health Benefits

Hot peppers belong to the genus capiscum
and are native to the tropical Americas.

While people often shy away from these brightly colored, pungent fruits, eating peppers is actually quite beneficial if you can handle the heat! Peppers are vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals but low in calories, making them a great addition to any weight-loss diet. The fiery burn of hot peppers, such as ghost peppers, provide an even better weight-loss boost, containing elements that rev up the metabolism and help you eat less and burn fat.